Gunnar Holen

CEO 31 years of experience in Investment Banking. Vast experiences within Corporate Finance work including fundraising and M & A activity. Originated and participated in a number of national and International private placements and IPOs.
Founded and developed CAR ASA which developed from 2 persons in 2003 to 55 and from 0 to 80 million NOK in revenues in 2007
Previously top rated Investment analyst both internationally and domestically
Master of Business and Economics

Rolf Bruknapp

Gen. Mgr. BSc 20 years experience from hydro-electric industry in Norway, Nordics, and Turkey. He has developed, constructed and operated numerous small and medium sized power plants within hydro, solar and wind.
Master of Business and Economics

Bjørn Bringedal

Chief Technical Officer More than 30 years of experience within different process and automation industries, within R&D, conceptual studies, engineering and operational support. His latest position was senior specialist in ABB Oil, Gas and Chemicals. He has worked at various divisions in ABB and Norsk Hydro; within R&D, Oil and Gas, Aluminum and Magnesium, Technology and Projects
MSc Chemical Engineering, NTH, Trondheim, MSc Fluid Dynamics

Terje Dyrstad

Techn. Mgr, Engineer Education: Machine/Energy Engineer, TIH Trondheim. Cand. Polit. Univ. Bergen.
Experience: Extensive experience in development, design and construction of hydropower plants in Norway and Turkey.
Technical processes. Water treatment processes.
Employers: Alfsen & Gundersen AS, Rovas AS, Nordvest Energi AS, etc.

Håvard Lillebo

Partner CEO in Businessizer AS - serial industrial entrepreneur and business angel.
Founder and CFO of Innotech Solar that grew to 180 employees, creating 3 factories. Raised 52 M€ in Venture Equity from leading Nordic VCs, 25 M€ from banks, and 13 M€ in grants.
2006-2008, Finance Manager in the listed Norwegian solar company REC ScanCell, with an increase from 30 M€ to 300 M€ in revenues, and from 88 to 330 employees, investing 130 M€ in building a process industry.
Master of Business and Economics

Lars Petter Hillestad

Analyst Business Development Manager at Businessizer AS
Businessizer AS, Business Angel Network Norway (BAN Norway), Business Angel Network Ofoten (BAN Ofoten)
University of Nordland (UiN)
Master i Business and Economics

Ronald Tuft

Member of the Board Founder and previous CEO of Norway`s leading refugee reception company Hero.
Board member and one of the largest shareholders in Norway largest Transport company Litra
CoB and MoB in a large number of companies.


Nordic Blue Crude AS partners:

Formal partnership with Proventia at Herøya, giving access to Norway’s largest industrial cluster.
Technology provider/developer, Dresden, Sachsen, Germany
Climeworks, Zurich, Switzerland. Technology for capturing Co2 from air
Hansen & Rosenthal, Hamburg, Germany, Refining, special products
EDL Anlagenbau, Engineering partner


Nordic Blue Crude AS will produce high quality, carbon neutral, synthetic fuels and other fossile replacement products, based on water, Carbondioxide and renewable power. Sustainable competitive advantages are obtained thru:
  1. Low prices on renewable electricity with full load time
  2. Rich access to «clean» Carbondioxide
  3. Extremely competent cluster of process industry skills at Herøya
  4. Very good infrastructure available


Nordic Blue Crude AS production facility under planning at Herøya. See location Herøya below (Hydro’s facility):



Nordic Blue Crude vil bygge en fabrikk for syntetisk diesel her på Herøya.
På sikt er målet en 40.000 kvadratmeter stor fabrikk som produserer 100 liter petroleumsprodukter nesten fri for svovel og NOx. (Foto: Tore Stensvold)

NORDIC CRUDE OIL - HERØYA INDUSTRIPARK - Norsk selskap kan bli først i verden til å produsere Audis «vidunderdiesel» Vil gjøre gamle fossilbiler nesten CO2-frie.

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Blue Crude Cuts Diesel Emissions By 85 Per Cent

A company in Norway, Nordic Blue Crude, is proposing to build a manufacturing facility to produce synthetic diesel and gasoline. Audi has been experimenting with carbon neutral fuels for the past four years as it plans how to meet Europe’s more stringent emissions standards that will go into effect in less than 5 years.

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Blue Crude synthetic diesel fuel cuts carbon by 85 percent

Fuels produced from plant feedstocks are touted by many as a viable and lower-carbon alternative to traditional gasoline or diesel. But the need to dedicate large swaths of land to growing crops for fuel, and the need to ensure all vehicles are compatible with these "biofuels," has limited their practicality.
That's where a new type of diesel fuel being studied in Europe may have an advantage.

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Synthetic Fuel Cuts Carbon Emissions by 85 Percent

Nordic Blue Crude wants to partner with Audi on mass production of synthetic diesel fuel. Fuels produced from plant feedstocks are touted by many as a viable and lower-carbon alternative to traditional gasoline or diesel. But the need to dedicate large swaths of land to growing crops for fuel, and the need to ensure all vehicles are compatible with these "biofuels," has limited their practicality.

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Ново гориво с 85% по-малко емисии, без модификация на колите

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Brint og CO2 bliver til diesel

Det vakte betydelig opsigt da Audi for godt et år si den indviede et pilotanlæg, der kan lave brint og CO2 om til syntetisk diesel. Nu vil en norsk iværksættervirksomhed bygge et fuldskalaanlæg i hjemlandet, hvor man har CO 2 og billigt el til rådighed.

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Herøya Industripark

Herøya Industripark AS - a short film

Skal suge CO2 fra lufta for å lage klimavennlig diesel på Herøya.
Norsk selskap planlegger verdensnyhet.

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Manager magazin

Norweger bauen gigantische Fabrik für Wunder-Diesel.

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Manager magazin

Superkraftstoff Blue Crude wird zum Hoffnungsträger.

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Is 'Blue Crude' the fuel of the future?

Nicki Shields visits Dresden in Germany to learn about Blue Crude, a synthetic fuel that could be used to top up battery performance. CNN

Sunfire - The search for new fuels

The Sunfire company in Dresden has developed an environmentally friendly way to make diesel out of just carbon dioxide, renewable electricity and water. It's a new twist in both the e-mobility and combustion-engine story.

World Economic Forum

Green diesel.

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ARD German Radio

Eine norwegische Firma will mit Hilfe aus Deutschland eine Fabrik bauen, die synthetischen Diesel herstellt.

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Miljøvennlig drivstoff

Slik skal den gamle bilmotoren få et nytt liv. Artikkel i Aftenposten Viten.

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Splitting CO2 to produce syngas and hydrocarbon fuels: PEC and STC.

Though very high efficiencies are within reach theoretically, demonstrated efficiencies are currently in the range of 5%. Efficiencies are limited by both engineering (reactor design) and materials aspects, and the interplay between the two.

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Born in the lab: Hydrocarbon fuels ditch their fossil origins

While it is clear we must stop releasing more CO2 in the air, liquid hydrocarbon fuels are indispensable to modern economies.

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Er syntetisk drivstoff fremtiden?

Både bilprodusenten Audi og it-milliardær Bill Gates satser på utvikling av syntetisk drivstoff. Ett av de få produksjonsanleggene i verden ligger i Telemark.

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The potential of electricity-based fuels for low-emission transport in the EU
An expertise by LBST and dena
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Protocol Annual General Meeting Nordic Blue Crude Nordland AS
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Protocol Annual General Meeting Nordic Blue Crude AS
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Nordic Blue Crude AS
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Business address:
Hydrovegen 55, 3936 PORSGRUNN

CEO: Mr. Gunnar Holen
Mobile: +47 952 55 835